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William Meredith





William is a freelance Wordpress Developer & Games Tester who joined in 2019.

For the past six years, William has been shooting with the club, currently with a self bow which is

60lbs @ 28 inches made by the late Steve Meredith.


Currently, he is building up to shoot another self bow which is a 126lbs @ 32 inches bow

which Steve had made and shot in this prime.

William is looking to enjoy his father's work and the company of his friends & fellow archers.


"A singular company, singular experience, and a singular location to come and shoot at...

It's a grand day, a grand day out" - Steven Meredith.


2019: Best 10 Shoots Average: 32.80

Awarded 50+ badge


2020: Best 10 Shoots Average: 51.70

3rd Most Improved Trophy - +18.9%


2021: Best 10 Shoots Average: did not qualify


2022: Best 10 Shoots Average: did not qualify


2023: Best 10 Shoots Average:


3rd Robert Wallis Trophy Winner 40/103



Mary Rose Warbow Championship (Torry Hill)


1st at the Marks with 60 points

1st Speed Shoot with 17 points



Awarded 75+ Badge


3rd at the Marks with 58 Points - Spitfire Shoot Mundane Estate




Personal Best: 80 (September 2023)
Joined: July 2019