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Ray Goring (Reg) - Club Treasurer


New member who joined at the start of the 2015 season and instantly impressed by winning the Robert Wallis handicap trophy competition only a few weeks later!

Starting on the 45lb club bow and quite quickly recording some decent scores.

Upgrading to a 65 lb bow by Ray Underwood and a set of matching Dobbs arrows, Ray`s scores should be steadily increasing.



2015: Overall Season Average: 41.8 / 10th
            1st Robert Wallis Handicap Trophy (48 - Nett 113)


2016: Year End Average: 44.6


2017: Best 10 Shoots Average: 44.10

Speed shoot with 27 points - Stoner Park

2018: Best 10 Shoots Average: 50.80


Personal Best: 64 (July 2018)
Joined: May 2015