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Ray Goring

New member who joined at the start of the 2015 season and instantly impressed by winning the Robert Wallis handicap trophy competition only a few weeks later!

Starting on the 45lb club bow and quite quickly recording some decent scores.

Upgrading to a 65 lb bow by Ray Underwood and a set of matching Dobbs arrows, Ray`s scores should be steadily increasing.

Ray has made quite a few bows and is now shooting his hickory,purpleheart and Lemonwood 3 laminate longbow at 58lb

Ray has also become the clubs resident talented string maker

2015: Overall Season Average: 41.8 / 10th
           1st - Robert Wallis Handicap Trophy (48 - Nett 113)


2016: Year End Average: 44.6


2017: Best 10 Shoots Average: 44.10

Speed shoot with 27 points - Stoner Park


2018: Best 10 Shoots Average: 50.80


2019: Best Ten Shoots Average: 47.80

75+ Badge Awarded


2020: Best Ten Shoots Average:47.30


2021: Best 10 Shoots Average:




Personal Best: 78 (November 2019)
Joined: May 2015


Ray Goring

10th November 1952 - 17th September 2021

Ray joined the club in May 2015 and was our club treasurer for many years,


Our Good friend and fellow archer sadly passed away on September 17th after losing his long term battle with cancer.

Ray was a real gentleman and always had a smile on his face,

He soon made friends and fitted right in with many a pint of real ale at the railway inn.

Ray's Son Tom soon joined in and in a bid to give up smoking he turned to vaping,

Unfortunately it was like having Thomas the Tank engine on site and we needed to go downwind.


Ray became a very good bowyer and stringmaker, and soon was in great demand

making new strings for everybody in the club and beyond.

He made and built up a range of bows of various weight but settled on a trusty 55lb one in the end.

Ray will be greatly missed by us all.