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Noel sheedy


Noel joined CHLS in September 2021 and fitted straight in to our band of Archers on the field and at the railway inn.

He currently is using a club bow of 47lb which was originally made by Ray Goring and revamped and tillered down form its orginal weight by Chris Radbone when the CHLS aquired it for the club kit.

Noel will probably get his own bow of around 55-60lb when the right time comes along.

Noel is a natural and started scoring well from the off earning him his first 50+ Badge within just a month of joining which is impressive going.

Im sure Noel will soon be racking up a few trophy wins in this members profile very soon.



2021: Best 10 Shoots Average: did not qualify

Awarded 50+ Badge


2022: Best 10 Shoots Average; did not qualify

2023: Best 10 Shoots Average:



Personal Best: 53 October 2021

Joined: September 2021