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Mark Heath

Mark joined us in July 2016, taking an instant liking to Marks shooting after only one guest visit. Shooting a Bickerstaffe 45 lb standard bow of 45 lbs draw weight and a newly acquired set of Dobbs lightweight arrows, he is getting all the distances with a bit to spare. Having already shot target and other disciplines he has kicked off on a pretty fair PB which is bound to rise fairly quickly in the days ahead.

Mark has since upgraded to a top of the range Bickerstaffe bow of 70 lbs D/W. Lots of Osage inducing looks of envy from other members.


2016: Year End Average: 25.94


2017: Best 10 Shoots Average: 70.40

2nd - At the Marks (83) - Baron Camoy`s shoot at Stonor Park

1st - Speed shoot (26) - Yattendon shoot

2nd - Crecy handicap (96)

2nd - Men's Marks (90) - Honourable Artillery Company - London

1st - Most Improved trophy (38.6)


2018: Best 10 shoots average: 56.90

2nd - At the marks at H A C shoot

Winner of the brooch for first 12 at H A C shoot


Personal Best: 98 (May 2017)
Joined: July 2016