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International Longbow Archers Association (ILAA) - - this is the club's new association and members will need to log onto this site to update their membership & insurance.

British Long-bow Society in Scotland - - extensive site covering traditional archery in Scotalnd

Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers & Fletchers - - formed in 1989 by a group of craftsmen bow and arrow makers capable of making longbows of marketable quality and performance to the criteria of the British Long-Bow Society.

English Field Archery Association - - the governing body dedicated to the sport of field archery using the traditional English longbow through to the ultra high speed compound bows.

European Traditional Archery Society - - ETAS's objective is to promote the growth of traditional archery across Europe.


National Field Archery Society - - an extensive site for field archers includes a very active forum section

Society for the Promotion of Traditional Archery - - formed in 1993 to promote the interest in the craft skills, history, technology and shooting skills associated with traditional archery worldwide.

Society of Archer-Antiquaries - - formed in 1956 to study the development of the bow and arrow across the world.


The Bow Shop -

Aford Rewards Ltd - - suppliers of archery trophies, awards and medals to clubs all over the country.

Longbow Suppliers:

Aardvark Archery - - the lengths people will go to in order to get to the top of an alphabetic list! Good range of products available over the internet, competitive prices and an interesting second hand section.

Archery Originals - - long bow bags, arrows, arrow equipment and other accessories from their outlet in Alfreton, Derbyshire.

Archery World - - based in Preston and extensive range of products available from their website store.

Arrowhead UK Online Shop - - on-line shop, no traditional archery equipment but is the only distributor of a special tab material called Oberon.


Bickerstaffe Bows - - Pip and his team provide a growing percentage of the bows used by the members of the Clifton Hampden Long Bow Society.

Bowsports - - Wolverhampton based shop with extensive website claiming to be "the most comprehensive on-line archery web site anywhere".

Centre Shot - - based in Malvern they have a downloadable brochure but the internet shop is not yet open.

Chiltern Archery - - chain of 4 shops plus extensive webstore.

Clickers Archery - - based near Norwich, have an on-line shop, but virtually no longbow and limited traditional products.

Custom Built Archery - - with shops near Nottingham and in Cleveland and a comprehensive website covering all archery disciplines.



Flybow - - based in County Maho, Eire this shop has an excellent website shop and some very nice products for tradional archers (which is all they support).




KG Archery - - retail outlet and website shop for specialist company manufacturing a wide range of its own bows, including some longbows.


Merlin Archery Centre - - located at Loughborough, though apparently not really into traditional longbows they have a comprehensive range of other equipment and a very good website.

Perris Archery - - with shops at Braintreeand Ipswich and a well designed web shopping site.

Peter Carr Bowstrings, Manchester - 0161 681 5652 or - email address

Quicks Archery - - chain of 4 shops plus extensive webstore covering all archery disciplines (link is direct to internet store).

Richard Head Longbows - 30 years experience in making and selling English longbows and arrows. Also see

Steve Ralphs - - the 'bow and arrow man'.

Targetcraft Archey Centre - - limited website (downloadable brochure and CD catalogue available) but also offer training and corporate events at their base near Kettering. Owned by the manufacturers of Skorten Archery Products (modern stuff), but stock for all disciplines. Apparently very competively priced and have an 'ebay shop' at


Longbow Information:





Forums / Chat Rooms / Info etc:


Other Archery Club Sites:



Harlequin Bowmen - - modern archery club based in Didcot, Oxfordshire (close neighbours to us).

Oxford Archers - - primarily modern archery shooting at Upper Heyford (Winter) and Botley (Summer), both in Oxfordshire.


Windrush Bowmen Archery Club - - based near Witney in Oxfordshire, shooting target and field events.



Longbow Archers of St Sebastian - - traditional longbow archers shooting target and field and based near Hemel Hempstead.





The Fraternity of St George an excellent site providing a wide range of information about this club, traditional archery disciplines and history. Highly recommended.




Welsh Archers (Russia) - - excellent site and great photographs (but written in Russian). I was amazed to 'trip across' this very active club in Russia.

Archery holidays, breaks and courses