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Keith Tucker

Keith, nickname Tuck joined us at the end of July 2017. Tuck had come along to the club to enjoy a 60th birthday present from his friends - a 'have a go' session with the English Longbow. Well, that did it, with his very first arrow he almost scored a flag! The die was set and Tuck was hooked.

Within a few days he had bought a bow, ordered arrows from Dobbs, sent off for tabs etc and gone to Abingdon to buy club shirts and jumpers.

He is starting out from a club bow onto a 53lb Raymondo Underwood bow. We welcome him aboard and expect his scores to rise as he settles in with his new bow and arrows.

2017: Best 10 Shoots Average: 19.11


2018: Best 10 shoots average: 36.80

50 + badge awarded

2nd most improved trophy  17.7


Personal Best: 69 (November 2018)
Joined: July 2017