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Jon Woodley Shead


Jon bought a 67lb bow fron Chris Radbone after using club kit for a few weeks and his scores have been steadily rising.

Jon was eager to get involded in scoring from the start and has become a great asset. He has also created a Facebook page for the club which is very useful for instant photos.

Jon has now upped the anti by moving up to a new Steve Stratton bow of 80lbs, made from hickory osage core and a yew belly.

2017: Best Ten Shoots Average: 30.40

2nd - At the Marks (59 points) - Windsor Shoot



2018: Best Ten Shoots Average:

3rd - At the Marks (74 points) - Ashford, Kent

Awarded 50 Plus badge

2nd - At the Marks (78) - Chevening Shoot


2019: Best 10 Shoots Average:


2020: Best 10 Shoots Average:


2021: Best 10 Shoots Average:



Personal Best: 54 (February 2018)
Joined: July 2017