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John Morgan

John joined us in November 2016, having met a number of our members at Stonor Park. John had already done his Archery GB beginners course in 2015, with the intention of taking up English longbow, starting with target shooting, but having attended Stonor, he was converted to shooting the marks, and shortly afterwards was invited to join CHLS. We are delighted to have him aboard.

John shoots a 53lb standard Bickerstaffe bow and is getting used to the principles of long range "artillery" bow shooting. John travels a fair way for shoots with us, but not from as far as Zanzibar, where he is currently on holiday. Could this be a nickname - "Zanzibar John"???


2017: Best 10 Shoots Average:

1st - At the Marks (87) - Chevening shoot


2018: Best 10 Shoots Average:


2019: Best 10 Shoots Average:


2020: Best 10 Shoots Average:


2021: Best 10 Shoots Average:



Personal Best: 32
Joined: November 2016