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Gillie Edwards

Joined 1st January 2012 after attending numerous shoots throughout 2011, including Wednesday evening events as a day member.

She has her own 40 lb bow and lightweight arrows, with which she managed to win the 2014 Crecy trophy and the Improvers trophy in 2013.

Gillie has also started collecting silverware from the Fraternity of St George shoots competing against archers from clubs across Europe.


2012: Best 10 Shoots Average: 21.1 / 14th
            3rd Crecy Trophy (18 - Nett 87)

2013: Best 10 Shoots Average: 31.1 / 15th
1st Improvers Trophy (Improvement of 40%) 
2nd At The Marks (Ladies) – Fraternity Champagne Shoot
2nd Flight Shoot (Ladies) – Fraternity Champagne Shoot
3rd Cloth Of Gold (Ladies) – Fraternity Champagne Shoot
3rd At The Marks (Ladies) – Fraternity Windsor Shoot
3rd Cloth Of Gold (Ladies) – Fraternity Windsor Shoot

2014: Best 10 Shoots Average: 34.2 / 14th
1st Crecy Trophy (44 - Nett 103)

2015: Best 10 Shoots Average: 35.4 / 12th
1st Cloth Of Gold (Ladies) – Fraternity Shoot at Yattendon
2nd At The Marks (Ladies) – Fraternity Shoot at Yattendon
1st Speed Shoot (Ladies) Fraternity Shoot at Godinton Park
1st Cloth of Gold (Ladies). Fraternity Shoot at Godinton Park


2016: Year End Average: 39.6
2nd Cloth Of Gold (Ladies) - Black Prince Shoot (Yattendon)

3rd Ladies Cloth of Gold - Oriflamme Shoot near Paris

2nd Marks at 50 yards Champagne shoot at Godinton Park

1st Ladies` Flight - Stonor Park

2nd - Improvers Trophy - 12%



2017: Best 10 Shoots Average:

3rd - Ladies At the Marks (score of 51) - Invicta Shoot, Ashford

3rd at marks - Mont L'eveque shoot


Personal Best: 51 (July 2016)
Joined: January 2012