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George Davie


George comes from New Zealand and is working over here until next year.

He joined the club in May 2018 and soon acquired his own bow from Jon.

The bow is 67lb in weight and made by Chris Radbone. He also now has his own new arrows with black and one black/white striped fletching.

George seems to be a natural and his scores have been very impressive right from the start, steadily rising, so a 50+ badge will not be far away.



2018: Best Ten Shoots Average: 45.70

2nd - Gents Military (Sat) - 194- Mary Rose shoot Kent

1st - Mary Rose Trophy Shoot (80 yards)

Winner of the 50 plus badge

1st - At the marks at the armistice shoot at watford

Winner of the brooch for first 12 armistice shoot at watford



Personal best: 64 (September 2018)
Joined: May 2018