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"Dodge" Erry (Emma`s other half)

Member Rep/ Safety Officer

Dodge joined us after going with Emma to Godinton Park in September 2015 and winning the speed shoot with 27 points. This convinced Dodge and everyone else that he badly needed a bow club, so he joined us in the same month. Starting with club bows of 45lbs and then 50lbs, he will be graduating to his chosen poundage within a few weeks and the scores will start to climb.


2015: Best 10 Shoots Average: N/A
1st Speed Shoot (Spitfire shoot in Kent) with a score of 27


2016: Year End Average: 43.7

3rd - Men's Marks (64 - without a twelve score arrow) - Stonor Park


2017: Best 10 Shoots Average: 43.70

1st - Speed Shoot (20 points) - Mont L'Eveque Shoot

Brooch for the first 12 points scored on a mark - Mont L'Eveque Shoot

Speed Shoot (10 points) - Torry Hill

3rd - Men's Marks (88) - Honourable Artillery Company - London

Brooch for first 12 point score - Windsor Shoot



2018: Best 10 Shoots Average:

1st - Gentlemens Flight (238 yards) - Invicta Shoot, Ashford


2019: Best 10 Shoots Average:


2020: Best 10 Shoots Average:


2021: Best 10 Shoots Average:



Personal Best: 59 (January 2016)
Joined: September 2015