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Chris Radbone


Chris joined us in May 2014 after attending a number of both Wednesday and Sunday shoots, scoring well at both from the word go.

Chris currently uses a 70lb bow made by Ray Underwood and has started to use arrows that he’s made himself and is getting some very good scores. His good form has put him in with a decent shout at competition shoots. So far he’s finished 2nd in the 2014 Crecy Trophy and the 2015 Agincourt Trophy, and 3rd in both the 2015 and 2016 Robert Wallis Trophy.

Chris has been making longbows under the guidance of Ray Underwood at the Radley Bowhouse from early 2016 and is now using a 70lb bow he has recently completed. See photos in Rogues Gallery for 2016.

Chris Has been making lonbows now for 6 years and has made many for various club members

Chris is now shooting his latest bow made from hickory,purpleheart,greenheart and yew which is 68lb@28" 82lb@32"

Also currently making a special bow from steve meredith's old broken 150lb war bow, removed the damaged sapwood and created a laminate bow with bamboo and hickory on top of the existing yew heartwood

Chris Has made Three bows for himself.

A canadian yew bow 73lb@28 90lb@32"

A quadruple laminate from hickory,purpleheart,greenheart,yew 68lb@28" 82lb@32"

A triple laminate from bamboo,hickory,candian yew 70lb@28" 85lb@32"

He is now working on a quadruple laminate made from bamboo,purpleheart,greenheart,bamboo

2014: Best 10 Shoots Average: 48.5 / 10th
2nd - Crecy Trophy (46 - nett 102)


2015: Overall Season Average: 73.9 / 7th
3rd - Robert Wallis Handicap Trophy (62 - Nett 105)
2nd - Agincourt Trophy (85)

1st - Improvers Trophy +52%



1st - At the Marks and winner of the cut glass chalice with 91 points - Windsor





2016: Year end average: 77.3

3rd - Robert Wallis Handicap Trophy (62 - Nett 76)

3rd - Agincourt Trophy (71)

1st - At the Marks with 74 points and winner of a cut glass chalice for the second year running - Windsor



3rd - Most Improved - 5%



2017: Best 10 shoots average: 87.60



3rd - Men's Marks (77) - Yattendon shoot

1st - Closest to the Turk's Head - Chevening shoot

3rd - At the Marks (66 points) - Mont L'eveque shoot

1st - Mary Rose Target Trophy - winner of the bullseye at 100 yards



3rd - Agincourt trophy (37 points)

3rd - Wednesday Best 5 Shoots trophy



2nd - Wednesday Master Archer trophy

3rd - Most Improved trophy (10.3)

2nd - Sunday Master Archer trophy



2018: Best 10 shoots average: 66.00

1st - Speed Shoot (17 points) - Black Prince Shoot, Yattendon

1st - Wednesday Master Archer Trophy - 8



3rd - Wednesday Top Five Shoots Trophy - 92.80



2019: Best 10 Shoots Average: 57.30

Fingers Trophy for Services to CHLS



3rd - At the Marks (37) - Windsor Shoot

3rd - Wednesday Trophy Cup



2020: Best 10 Shoots Average: 54:00

3rd Agincourt Trophy Winner (87)



3rd - At The Marks with (54) - Windsor Shoot




2021: Best 10 Shoots Average: 47.80

1st Speed Shoot (16 points) Spitfire Shoot - Wellington



3rd Wednesday Trophy Cup - (64.80)



2nd Wednesday Master Archer - 2



2022: Best 10 Shoots Average: 64.70

3rd 'Dobbs' Peter Madden Trophy Shoot - 69

1st Speed Shoot (32 Points) Chevening Easter Shoot

2nd At The Marks (81 Points) Chevening Easter Shoot



Flag Hits





1st At The Marks Mary Rose Warbow Championship with 72 points



1st Speed Shoot (33 Points) The Viscount Harcourt Shoot



2nd Wednesday Cup Trophy - 85.40

2nd Wednesday Master Archer (Mitch Trophy) -7


Royal Windsor Deer Park Christmas Shoot

Fraternity of St George Master Archer Award 2022





3rd Most Improved Trophy + 16.9%



2023: Best 10 Shoots Average:


New Years Day Shoot

Mary Rose Target and Two Banners Shoot Winner



Finger Trophy 2023



Wednesday 2nd Cup Trophy 2022



Invicta Shoot Godingtn Park

2nd at the Marks with 87 Points




Mary Rose Warbow Championship (Torry Hill)


3rd Standard Arrow Flight with 185 Yards



Cokethorpe School Finsbury Archers Shoot

1st 12 and another 12 nearest the mark



6 Point Flag Hit Wednesday Night





Personal Best: 95 (September 2017)

Joined: May 2014