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Steve Meredith 1952-2021

Steve joined us at the end of April 2017, but has been an accomplished archer for quite a while, both on target and at the marks, having attended many ILLA shoots and other events. He made something of a grand entrance to CHLS, scoring two flags - one at 150 yards , the other at 140 yards and scoring a decent first time with us score of 32. Very good on a marks layout he had never shot on before.

I`m sure his scores will escalate as he gets used to the course.

Steve shoots two self-made Yew longbows - one of 80 lbs and the other of 140 lbs. We are very pleased to have Steve aboard.


2017: Best 10 Shoots Average: 26.20


2018: Best 10 Shoots Average: 39.00

3rd - Most Improved Trophy - 12.8


2019: Best Ten Shoots Average: 52.10

Awarded 50+ badge

3rd - Most Improved Trophy - 14.1


2020: Best 10 Shoots Average: 47.30


2021: Best 10 Shoots Average:


2022: Awarded the Fingers Trophy for Services to CHLS


Personal Best: 69 (June 2020)
Joined: April 2017


Steve Meredith

13th July 1952 - 3rd December 2021




13th July 1952 - 3rd December 2021

Our Dear Friend and respected fellow longbowman Steve Meredith sadly passed away in mid December 2021, from covid.


Steve was renowned and loved both on and off the field.


He is particularly remembered for his warmth, good humour and kindness,

keeping everbody entertained with a story for every occasion,

and his ability to keep the club's motto alive by sinking his fair share of beer, for which he was always quick to get in a round.


Too for his ability to shoot traditional yew longbows of draw weight well over one hundred pounds, often that he had made himself,

right down to his mini longbow, which we enjoyed testing most successfully both in the railway inn car park and in london at the finsbury fields.


An active member of CHLS Steve always provided equipment for New Years Day Shoots, made trophies, one given to the Stonor family, made pies,

and was a solid committed club member, always there, when health permitted; and even when struggling his dedermination

to shoot on his 'wheeled stallion' was courageous.


Steve shall be greatly missed by us all.


William's Farwell


If i should fall to rise no more,

As many comrades did before,

Then ask fife's and drums to play

Over the hils and far away.


Then fall in lads, behind the drum,

with colours blazing like the sun

Along the road to come what may,

Over the hills and far away