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Steve Meredith


Steve joined us at the end of April 2017, but has been an accomplished archer for quite a while, both on target and at the marks, having attended many ILLA shoots and other events. He made something of a grand entrance to CHLS, scoring two flags - one at 150 yards , the other at 140 yards and scoring a decent first time with us score of 32. Very good on a marks layout he had never shot on before.

I`m sure his scores will escalate as he gets used to the course.

Steve shoots two self-made Yew longbows - one of 80 lbs and the other of 140 lbs. We are very pleased to have Steve aboard.


2017: Best 10 Shoots Average: 26.20


2018: Best 10 Shoots Average: 39.00

3rd most improved trophy 12.8



Awarded 50+ badge


Personal Best: 59 (April 2019)
Joined: April 2017