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Maggie Newbery


Maggie did a trail session with her grandad (Biscuit) and really enjoyed it.

Now She one of the clubs youngest members.

Maggie is Currently shooting a 40lb Bow






2022: Best 10 Shoots Average: (18.0)


1st cloth of Gold 183 yards (Junior) The Viscount Harcourt Shoot



1st at the Marks (44 points (Junior)) The Viscount Harcourt Shoot



2nd at the Marks with 36 Points - Spitfire Shoot Munden Estate



1st at the Marks - (24 Points) Windsor Deer Park

1st Speed Shoot - (3 Points Joint Winner) Windsor Deer Park




Junior Trophy 2022



2023: Best 10 Shoots Average:


2nd at the Marks with 58 Points - Spitfire Shoot Mundane Estate



Personal Best: 29 (March 2022)

Joined: Febuary 2022