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Iain Mc Robert

Iain joined us in late August 2014 and has quickly become a club character with his amazing homemade shooting aids, quiver etc as well as gaining proficiency on the club bows.

He now has his own 60lb bow with which he will soon start notching up the scores!

2014: Best 10 Shoots Average: 17.5 / 16th
Winner of the Derrick Bettis trophy for stirring effort


2015: Best 10 Shoots Average: 39.4 / 11th


2016: Year End Average: 48
3rd Crecy Trophy (60 – Nett 87)

1st - At the Marks - 70 - Torry hill

Fingers Trophy for services to CHLS



Personal best: 60 (August 2016)
Joined: August 2014