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Alexa Soutter

Alexa having never shot before, attended the Fraternity of St George shoot in Windsor and with luck of the gods, shot 33! "This is easy Dad, let's go again!"

She is slightly dissapointed to have never seen a number like that again!

Alexa is still looking for the right bow and is borrowing bows from the kind CHLS members.

Her arrows are bright pink, not in being a traditionally feminine colour, but rather as a celebration of girl power!




2022: Best 10 Shoots Average: did not qualify

1st Ladies At The Marks (47 Points) Chevening Easter Shoot

1st Ladies Cloth Of Gold 180 Yards Chevening Easter Shoot

1st Ladies Speed Shoot (22 Points) Chevening Easter Shoot

Brooch Awarded For First 12 Scored Chevening Easter Shoot



2023: Best 10 Shoots Average;




Personal Best: 18 (January 2022)

Joined: Febuary 2022